BFR Expertise & Solutions is a consulting and brokerage firm specialising in working capital finance.


to optimize the short-term financing capacity of our customers based on their assets (receivables, stock, equipment).


More than 20 years experience in key positions for factoring companies. We combine the assessment of our clients' needs with a perfect understanding of the vision of a financial institution.


Companies of any size, from any sector and in any stage of their lifecycle


Reactivity, speed, pro-activeness and long-term engagement

Member of an international network

BFR Expertise & Solutions is a founding member of FaroSol, an international network of brokers present in 22 countries.
This membership allows us to respond to SMEs and Corporates looking for a global approach as well as a local service :


of factoring



of stock financing



of leasing



of credit insurance



of surety bonds



of reverse factoring


Benefit from the expertise of an independent firm with access to all the professionals working in the factoring market, credit insurance, leasing, surety bonds as well as to a network of partners providing complementarity and  a global approach .

Solutions for an existing situation

An analysis of your current needs and solutions

You are dissatisfied with your current financing solutions
You have additional funding needs

Anticipating future needs

• Strong business growth
Replacing cancelled or reduced bank lines
• Securing financing lines through the assignment of credit insurance policy rights
Protecting and/or completing medium or long term financing (LBO / MBO / OBO …)


Find all the solutions proposed by BFR Expertise & Solutions


  • Factoring is a working capital funding tool that is available to any company working in B2B wishing to transform its accounts receivables (domestic and international) into cash.
  • Factoring is a modern and flexible short-term financing tool for all businesses working in a B2B environment, whatever their size, activity or their life cycle.
  • The establishment of a factoring agreement requires defining the objectives, knowing the different market players and their specificities and controlling the various negotiating levers to optimize the financing capacity and cost.
  • The team at BFR Expertise & Solutions has the experience to build a lasting relationship with the selected Factoring company.

Stock Financing

  • A company’s stocks (raw materials, finished products) are assets that can be valued and funded. 
  • There are different formulas for financing stock that can be put into place by certain factoring companies, banks or even by innovative and niche players who provide tangible and competitive solutions.
  • Stock Financing is relevant for SMEs/SMIs, especially for those who experience a strong growth, a seasonal activity or a long production cycle, resulting in significant working capital requirements
  • BFR Expertise & Solutions has partnerships with major market players which allows us to address a broad variety of issues.


Leasing allows to finance a new investment of new/used equipment up to 100% (VAT included) without affecting the cash flow of the compagny. There are different leasing solutions available on the market depending on the asset to be financed and on the Client's financing strategy. BFR Expertise & Solutions supports you in the search and selection of the best possible solution:
  • leasing
  • financial leasing
  • flexible financial leasing
For periods of 24-84 months for traditional or for more specific assets Equipment previously acquired by the company can be leveraged to mobilize cash. In some cases, it is possible to proceed to a sale and leaseback transaction on recent assets or on older equipment that still has an economic value. The applied value can reach 100% of the original purchase value (VAT included)

Credit insurance

Credit assurance protects companies against the risk of buyers default, allowing them to be covered and compensated for non-payment of receivables, both for their domestic and export markets.


Establishing a credit insurance is a strategic choice that must be part of a comprehensive approach for credit management.


Credit assurance can be a real lever to finance the receivables.

BFR Expertise & Solutions
  • Analyses your needs and defines the best solution
  • Negotiates and optimizes contractual and tariff clauses
  • Pilots and manages daily contracts with privileged access to dedicated services within the insurance industry

Surety bonds

  The need for surety bonds arises from future obligations (Holdbacks, advance payment guarantees , vendor guarantees...) or regulatory obligations (Temporary work, ICPE/Environmental deposits...). Replacing surety bonds delivered by a bank with surety bonds issued by a credit insurer can create a source for additional finance. BFR Expertise & Solutions supports you in:
  • Analyzing your needs and defining the best solution.
  • Negotiating and optimizing contractual and tariffs clauses.
  • Managing the relationship and support during negotiations.

Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring, formerly only attributed to ”Investment Grade Corporates", has democratised and is now also available to Mid-Cap buyers. This technique allows suppliers of a debtor to benefit from an early payment made by the Factor at a discount. The buyer improves:
  • His relationship with his suppliers through a collaborative approach
  • His margin, benefitting from a part of the discount collected by the Factor
  • His cash position, when opting for a payment beyond the original due date.
The Supplier can :
  • increase his sales without increasing his need for working capital,
  • improve its treasury
A reverse Factoring program is unique and built around the expectations and needs of each stakeholder. BFR Expertise & Solutions has developed a real expertise by negotiating and implementing reverse factoring programs. Our team supports you from the analysis of your needs throughout the entire life-cycle of the programme.


We support all types of business, regardless of size, industry sector or financial situation.


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