Laurent Dray

Founding partner

Founding partner: After an initial experience in the corporate banking world, Laurent turned towards the factoring industry.
First, with responsibility for developing north-western France for Fortis Commercial Finance, then with ABN Amro Commercial Finance where he was the Sales & Marketing Director for 12 years.

Laurent has always met with business leaders regularly to understand more about their strategy, organization and needs. He was thus able to draw on and learn from their experiences, which naturally meant building close working relationships which in turn led him to create his own company, BFR Expertise & Solutions. Laurent wanted to create a firm that resembles him and whose DNA is shared by his clients, partners and colleagues.

A passionate marathon runner, Laurent likes to take on challenges. He shares the same values at BFR Expertise & Solutions as in his sport: regularity, dedication, discipline and results. He strives for excellence both in his personal and professional life.

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